Sunday, August 14, 2016

Mexico Family Vacation

The kids decided they wanted to take a cruise to Mexico again this year, and we also decided to invite their mom to travel with us.

Just because me and Kim are divorced, does not mean we can not have family fun together. We put the bitter feelings behind us, and had a blast with our kids.


Saturday, August 13, 2016

The Family is Finally Together

Eleven years ago, my career moved me from New York to Las Vegas. Fulfilling my dream of becoming a Las Vegas headliner was awesome, but leaving 3 of my kids (from my first marriage) in New York was heart breaking.

Every year, I would fly the kids out to Las Vegas for summer vacation. And little by little, my kids realized how beautiful Las Vegas was. And little by little, Scott, then Jennifer relocated from New York to Las Vegas.

My oldest daughter and Kristina, her husband and her three sons came out to Las Vegas for vacation in August, and decided they wanted to relocate. Finally, all my children are now living here in paradise with me. Our weekly family dinners will now be complete!

Now we need to get my Momma to relocate and join us.