Wednesday, May 10, 2017

Teaching Other Performers

After doing a lecture with Banachek as my training wheels, I decided to try it on my own.

Today I flew to California to lecture to a group of 21 magicians and mentalists. My goal was to help them become better performers.

I have always been a follower of Tony Robbins, and I have attended many of his seminars over the years. And after watching how Tony would give his all, it means I wanted to make sure I gave my all as well, plus a little extra. I don't think the guys who attended expected me to lecture for over 4 hours straight, with no breaks.

The attendees left with a lot of good information on being a better performer, on getting their own television show, having a Las Vegas show, and some interesting quotes and stories from my 30+ year performing career.


Wednesday, May 3, 2017

A New York Quickie

My friend Derren Brown, a mentalist from the U.K. was performing in New York, so I decided to take an overnight trip to catch his show. I took my friend Sarai with me to keep me. It was a real fast trip.

I stepped off the stage on Tuesday night and ran to the airport. We took a red eye flight to New York. After sitting in traffic, we finally arrived in Times Square. I did arrange for an early check in, so after we dropped off our bags in the room, we hit the streets to do some shopping and grab some breakfast.

After a little nap, we attended the matinee show of Wicked! It was a great show. Then we had some New York pizza before heading over to Derren's show called Secrets.

After the show the three of us snuck out of the theater and went for sushi. It was a great show, and our late night dinner was just as fun.

Sarai and I went back to the hotel and passed out. We woke up the next morning and headed back to the airport. I had to be back on stage later that night in Las Vegas.

In and out of New York in less then 24 hours.