Tuesday, August 1, 2017

Hidden Resort Fees

I just took my kids on a mini summer vacation to the Great Wolf Lodge in California, and when I received the bill, I was disgusted with what I saw. The advertised room rate was $659.99 per night. As if that was not expensive enough, they also tacked on:

GGTID Assessment Fee - 0.5%
CA Tourism Assessment Fee - 0.195%
Private Lodging Fee - 0.5%
Transient Occupancy Tax - 14.5%
Resort Fee - $29.99
Overnight Self-Parking fee - $15.00

When I pull up to the gas pump, and it says I am paying $2.97 a gallon for gas, I understand that all the taxes are included in the advertised price.

Why can't we have the same transparence with hotel room rates? Because then it would not look as appealing when I was shopping for a hotel on different web sites, thats why.

What's next? Let's go out for an Italian dinner, and pay $19.95 for the Chicken Parmesan meal, and then get a bill with the salt & pepper fee, and the grated cheese fee, and the waiter delivery fee, and the  extra sauce fee, and the water refill fee, and the dish washing fee.

When corporations like hotel chains get greedy, I have no pity for them when they crash and burn and go out of business.

The kids had fun, but the fun stopped as soon as I looked at my bill.

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