Tuesday, August 29, 2017

Think Positive Thoughts

I have been reading minds for almost 30 years, and I have learned two important things. The first is that no matter what your race, political beliefs or your religious preference, when it comes to our minds, we are all the same. And second, I have also learned that being an optimist, and filling your mind with positive thoughts can increase the quality of your life.

And to help spread that message, during my show I give random audience members a silicone bracelet that says "Think Positive Thoughts" on one side and "Change Your Life Forever" on the other side. Hopefully when they wear them, it will be a friendly reminder to always look on the bright side of life.

If you are not visiting Las Vegas anytime soon, and you want one, send me an email request.

#OptimismOverPessimism #SpreadTheWord

Painful Experiences

At 10:05 PM on Sunday October 1, 2017, the news of the shooting massacre in Las Vegas rocked the world.  The day after the shooting, quite a few of the shows in Las Vegas closed, for many different reasons. I was informed that my show was not going to close on Monday, and I needed to show up and perform, despite the tragedy that just unfolded in our city the day before.

I really wanted to help the victims of the shooting, so I announced on social media that I was donating all the proceeds from Monday's after show souvenir sales, and part of Monday's ticket sales to the GoFundMe page set up to help the victims.

On Wednesday I posted a screen shot from GoFundMe showing my contribution was made, in hopes of encouraging others to contribute as well. On Thursday I woke to a private message on Facebook from my dear friend Marianne. I asked her if I could share her message with everyone.

She wrote:

Good morning Gerry, I am glad you and your family are safe given the craziness your city has had. I just wanted to share a little story with you. As you know I work with people with developmental and cognitive disabilities. Well the client I worked with last night was feeling sad about all of it and so she would not obsess about it I brought up some good stories of people coming together to help. One story was about you donating the proceeds of your show. She was intrigued by that and I offered to show her some videos of you performing. Can I just say, in her words, You blew her mind! At first I thought maybe she wouldn't understand all of it however she did. She just loved you! In fact she talked about you all night even when I took her to a social group she was telling them about you! Well you certainly took her mind off the sad stories which I feared she was beginning to focus on too much and could trigger her anxiety issues. I just wanted to share with you, You have a new fan!!!!. Be well my friend!

I love helping others with my skills and abilities, and to see how small acts of kindness and love sometime have the ripple effect. How about today, you give some thought how you can selflessly touch someones life today. Then sit back and watch how your love can spread, like the ripples in a calm lake, after you tossed a small pebble into it.

Sunday, August 27, 2017

Message Over Money

I have been entertaining audiences for well over 30 years now, and during my career, I have appeared on countless television shows and have given a many interviews.

During the interviews, I always received the same question… how did you realize you could read minds?

For years, I was embarrassed to talk about why I became the mentalist, and I would avoid the question or make up some “feel good” story. I never wanted to discuss it, because the answer had to do with me being sexually abused as a 15 year boy.

But eventually, I realized what happen to me was NOT my fault. I started telling people the true story, that I was sexually abused by 3 different trusted men in my life.

As a child, I wanted to figure out how, I could see this coming before it happened AGAIN, I wanted to know what a person was thinking, before they acted on their inappropriate sexual desires. So I started to study how to read minds.

I noticed that telling my story had a strange effect on people. It gave THEM the courage to open up to me, and tell me their own horror stories. Secrets they kept locked away for years, finally saw the light of day. And immediately after telling me their story, I noticed a sense of relief would come over them. It was like a weight was finally lifted off their shoulders.

I realized my story had the ability to help others. It helped them by giving them the strength and courage to seek help. And after seeing those reactions, I knew my story had to be shared. So on October 31, 2014 I released my first book titled "Making The Mentalist."

And soon after, the emails started to pour in. I gave people who read the book, the inspiration to open up to me, or more importantly, to their partners. I was blessed with ability to motivate others to start the healing process.

A few times I made public appearances in book stores, and read a few chapters from the book to the audience in attendance. I also give key note speeches on the topic. And when people visually see me reading the book, and talking about my experience, and they see my emotions come out, they felt even more connected to me and my story.

To me, the message in the book is more important then the money I make from selling the book, which is why I offer the audio version of the book for free to anyone who sends me an email and requests it.

If I can help just one person improve the quality of their life, or if I can prevent just one child from having to go through what I went through, all journey will have been worth it!!